Saturday, February 27, 2010

Well it's better than snow!

The latest big snow storm that has been barreling through the northeast missed us.  We've had mostly rain... although today there were a few snow flurries out there.

Although Ellie is not a fan of either snow or rain (just like her Mom), she hates snow more because she's so little that she can barely walk through it.  Well, that may be debatable.... just check out that miserable look Ellie is flashing me as she stands outside in the rain while wearing the cutest yellow dog slicker ever! Poor baby!

Here's another picture from the flower show to remind me that spring is just around the corner.  Hope you are warm and dry wherever you are today!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Rhode Island Flower Show

A visit to the Rhode Island Flower Show last weekend got me in the mood for spring.  Going to a flower show always makes my head spin putting me in a kind of gardening coma! There is so much to see, smell, and touch that it's overwhelming - it's quite a sight with me drooling over the plants, talking to myself, and scratching my head thinking... "how did they do that!"... while my poor Andy tags behind wondering if we'll ever go home. 

My blogging friend Tootsie suggested I link this up to Fertilizer Friday.  Please check out her wonderful blog - Tootsie Time!

Hope you enjoy the pics! (Wish they were better but the lighting is never the best for picture taking at these shows.)


























Finally a pic of Andy and I....  I hate having my picture taken but I think this one is cute because of the heart shaped rocks above us. 


Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A Wonderful Book About Bulbs

I thought I'd share with you a little about a wonderful book that I received for Christmas from my mother-in-law, Fleurette.  As a fellow gardener Fleurette has a flare for picking out the best gardening-related gifts for me (lucky me!).  The book is called Bulb and it's by British author Anna Pavord's whose best-selling book the The Tulip is equally as beautiful. 
Bulb is filled with Pavord's first-hand knowledge of all the bulbs presented in this gorgeous book.  Photographed by Andrew Lawson and Torie Chugg each page is a visual delight married with informative, lush descriptions and the horticultural history of each bulb Pavord carefully selected for this publication.  Pavord tells you not only how to grow each bulb, but also what to pair them with for the most impact in the garden (invaluable information for any newbie like me).  



A large, heavy book at 544 pages I've savored it many times over on a cold winter day.  Opening a page and leaving it out the table often brings a warm smile to my face.  But don't let the sheer size of this book intimidate you.  It's so well written that both a novice gardener as well as an expert will enjoy it.  The book is not meant to be an encyclopedia of bulbs, but covers enough species from all over the world that it will keep the interest of any level of gardener.






Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Warming Up Winter With Some Reds

We got more snow last night....  *sigh* ....maybe I should just have a standard post of a snowscape on my blog since nothing much is changing outside in the garden.  Watching the Winter Olympics in Vancouver and reading about how mild things have been in the Northwest I'm considering packing my bags and moving out west.... (just joking Andy if you happen to be reading this.... my guy loves the Northeast!).

Luckily there are some nice blooms going on indoors.  The paperwhites came up super fast.  They bloomed in only 9 days.  I planted them on February 7 and 4 days later on February 11 they looked like this.


Today they look like this.... all but one stalk is in full bloom. 
Red Lion Amaryllis has been a winner this year.  I love the large red trumpet-like blooms.

I also have some nice red warm color on my kitchen window sill.  I always decorate this for the holidays.  Here it is decorated for Valentine's Day.  I'll take down these hearts in another few days but for now I'm still enjoying the color.