Saturday, June 27, 2009

Slug Feast!

The month of June has been a bust here in New England. Usually it's a wonderful month with warm breezes, cool nights, and low humidity. It's one of my favorite months. But this June has been nothing but clouds, rain, lower than normal temperatures, and high humidity. Nothing seems to get much sun or dry out. The garden plants are all lushly green but the blooms are lagging behind desperate for some rays of golden sun.

Here's the rain gage after just a few hours of showers. If I were to measure all the rain we've had this past month I could probably fill up a small bucket.

It seems I can't get ahead of all the fungus and mildew problems my plants are having. Black spot disease seems to be every where. I spray and cut back but I feel like I'm fighting a losing battle. Some of my phlox, which is normally susceptible to disease, may be a goner. Even the cosmos which were beautiful a week ago are clearly complaining about their "wet feet."

But the thing that seems to be enjoying this weather the most are the slugs! So much so that we've renamed our garden "Slug Feast 2009!".

Here's one munching on a sweet green pepper leaf. How brazen.... in the middle of the day he's feeding!

My usual methods of controlling don't work in these rain forest conditions. Beer in cups, copper, slug bait, netting, cages, hand picking, - you name it I've tried it. The sad fact is that slugs are breeding faster than bunnies (I'd prefer bunnies at this point) and there's very little I can do but hope for some drier weather.

Here's what they've done to the bok choy and basil. I've never had problems with them eating basil before.

I could have taken more pictures to show you what they've done to the delphiniums, bee balm, hostas, lettuce, cone flowers - but it's too depressing.

Well at least today the sun is out!

Ahhh... it feels good.... but in the background while making breakfast I heard the weather man on TV say that afternoon showers are expected. It took all my strength not to throw my coffee cup at the TV.

PS - As you know from my Houston post I've been away all week. Sorry I haven't had a chance to read your blogs and comment on them while I was away, but I'll be catching up on them now that I'm back. Thanks so much for continuing to read my blog. I really do enjoy and appreciate all of feedback!


Mildred said...

Japanese Beetles are our biggest pest right now. I hope your sun surprises the weather man and you get a break from all the rain!

Sylvana said...

That is an awesome picture of the sunflower.

Sorry to hear abut your slugs. Those chew marks look familiar. Now I know what has been munching on some of my plants.

Beegirl said...

Slugs? Bummer... I've had luck with diatomaceous earth, but you could always consider a few chickens..
: )
Just kidding... Best of luck with the battle.