Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Waiting for the Other Shoe to Drop

Do you ever worry when things are too good? ( I sure do....  actually I'm a chronic worrier so that's my normal state.)  Case in point....  Here's a picture of my several of my veggie beds. 

 Yellow squash and zucchini.

 16 tomato plants and 8 eggplants.

Cucumbers, bell peppers, and bush beans.

Yes they look wonderful.  No signs of disease and not a bug within sight.  So what's the problem?  Well that is my problem - they look too good.  The growth is incredible for this time of year.  Everything has blossoms and small fruit - I've harvested lots of spring veggies and the summer veggies aren't too far off from picking.  I've got tons of tomatoes - actually some are quite large, and even a sizable green bell pepper is about 1 week away from harvesting (which never happens this early in the season for me in New England).  And, I'm not even spraying (organically of course).  The only real problem I've had is that my squash got top heavy because of their growth and snapped off at the base (and believe it or not this isn't from vine borers - I checked - just weight!).  And.... I took the snapped off top piece of the vine and buried in the soil and 'lo and behold.... the darn thing survived and took root! I never would have guessed it.... you have no idea how many times I've tried to do that in the past after many battles with vine borers in order to save my squash crop and I've never had luck with it.  *sigh* 

 Reflecting on what may be different this year I can't come up with much except incredibly warm weather early in the season and just the right amount of rain.  The soil may be slightly more improved, but I've done nothing drastically different.  It just goes to show you that when it comes to gardening Mother Nature really is in control.  We can try to tame her and nourish her along, but when push comes to shove the best soil, preventative measures, and praying are no comparison to plain ole really good weather (which is incredibly rare in New England).

Beets...lots of them poking through soil.  It won't be long now 'til harvesting them.

Fingerling potatoes growing in 3 containers.

Well I hope this post has jinxed it all.  I'm sure those evil little vine borers are ready to hatch, the leaf loopers hiding beneath the cabbage leaves, and the chipmunks ready to pounce as the southern breeze carries month-long rainy weather filled with blight just waiting to wreak havoc on my picturesque raised bed! UGGHH...  maybe it's time for a tranquilizer!  Darn gorgeous garden!


Lola said...

A beautiful veggie garden. Not so here. Too hot. But I do have some "maters" coming along {2nd production}, some bell peppers, carrots, Swiss Chard, bush beans. My corn is not so good {planted too late}. I enjoy it anyway.

Tracy said...

Your veggies look fabulous! I'm in MA also - northern central, on the NH border. Don't you just love the weather this year? My gardens have never looked so good, and I am absolutely loving the 2 - 3 week early blooms. I wish the weather would stay like this.

Thoughtfully blended hearts said...

I'll just quietly say...continued good luck :-)

Toni said...

Wow... your boxes look fantastic! All your plants looks so healthy and happy!

I'm so glad that you're having some good weather this summer... 'cause last summer was just miserable for you guys.

Ellie Mae's Cottage said...

It was miserable last summer Toni. We barely had any nice weather so this year it's been great! I just hope it keeps up.

Stacey said...

Count your lucky stars girl! Usually veggie gardens are ugly (don't tell anyone I said that). :)

RainGardener said...

Your veggie gardens are beautiful. Stop worrying - I've noticed all of my flowers are bigger than usual. People are saying it's the over abundance of rain we've had. Go figure. And our seasons were way ahead of themselves with the early warm weather. I say stop worrying but really I'm a worrier too so it's easy to be here and say it to you there!!! LOL

Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

You should be very proud of your veggie gardens, they look fantastic. Mine look pretty sad, cool and wet weather will do that. I think we must be having what you had last year.
I'm a terrible worrier too, one thing I wish I could change about myself. Enjoy that healthy garden!!

The Flower Garden said...

I am very envious of your veg beds.
Such a lot of that needs to be under glass in northern England.
And I'm still behind you!

However like you we have shared a span of wonderful weather.
I hope it continues for us .