Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Earth Day!

On Earth Day, 1971, a PSA featuring Native American actor Chief Iron Eyes Cody and the tagline line, "People Start Pollution. People can stop it." aired for the first time. If you are over 40 you might remember this Ad. As a young child (VERY young I might add!) this image etched itself in me. Without much understanding yet of the world around me I knew immediately that keeping the inside of your car clean by throwing your garbage out of the car window was just plain wrong.
Just today I was reminded of that again as I saw someone toss a cigarette butt out their car window. This is a pet peeve of mine. I won’t go preaching about smoking—as adults we can make a decision as to whether we want to smoke or not. But, the minute someone throws a cigarette out the car window it becomes a problem for all of us. As a child during Earth Day celebrations at my school, I can still remember a teacher telling us that a cigarette takes over 10 years to decompose and even then it leaves toxic chemicals in the earth. So, when I see someone at a stoplight toss their cigarette out the window I’ve got to seriously fight the urge to get out of the car, walk over, and toss it back in. Going Green starts with each one of us by making small changes --Even as seemingly small as using your car ashtray.

I’m definitely a work in progress when it comes to going green so I really have no business preaching about the cigarette tossers, but as I said its pet peeve of mine. For example, I’m still using paper towels (definitely not as many, but I still use them way too much). Some of my cleaning products are way too toxic (my tendency towards OCD makes me a bit of a germa-phobic). And, I have a hard time remembering to bring my own bags to the grocery store (shame on me… I know and I hate that!). But, on the bright side, we’ve made many strides in our household. We recycle just about everything there is to recycle. We probably go to the dump about once a month and only have a few bags. We have a nice compost pile. Both my vegetable and perennial garden are 100% organic – the lawn isn’t yet, but we are working on that and thankfully we don’t have much lawn (that’s no excuse I know… we’ve got to go green with the lawn too!). Celebrate Earth Day 2009 by joining me in finding simple ways you can go green too.

On a future blog I’ll be posting information about some of the organic gardening products that I’ve come to rely on, so please check back.


tina said...

I surely remember this commercial. A sad commercial. I think it a bit of a shame we get so politically correct with all we do that it means pulling good and effective commercials such as this one. Here in Tennessee we have a TERRIBLE problem not only with cigarette butts, but whole bags of litter. There is no consideration whatsoever for others. Frustrates me so much. I am originally from Maine and find that up there, there is a much higher consciousness than here.

I have to totally laugh at all your seedlings! We all do this not thinking where in the world where they all go once they are ready to be planted out?? You know we gardeners simply cannot throw out perfectly good plants. I had the same issue today. Only had room for two peppers but planted five. That will hurt later this summer but hey, I figure I can give the extra away to a food bank or something.

gardenerprogress/Catherine said...

I remember the commercial too. I was also a young kid, but it was powerful. I think it did affect how I feel about seeing people just throw trash on the ground. I just don't get it. In the Seattle area people are very environmentally conscious. We really don't see much litter luckily. I think it's great that your garden is organic. If we all do our part it will really help our earth!

Chris said...

For the poop composter you sprinkle on septic tank enzymes and it eats away at the poop , so that the amount is way less , than when it is full , which apparently takes LONG time , you take out the garbage can and fill the top few inches with regular soil and seed with grass and then you dig a new one , I will go a post all about it . Maybe this weekend.

Leslie said...

I so agree with you about the butts, the pollution irks me to no end, not to mention the fire risk. So thoughtless, so irresponsible. BTW, that looks like poison ivy in the person's hands - handle with care!