Thursday, April 30, 2009

Stopping Time

Do you ever get lost in time just enjoying the beauty of nature? I do quite often especially in Spring as the world comes alive. Just a week ago the trees were bare, the ground still frosty, and the perenials still nestled beneath the earth protected from the sharpness of cold. But today everything seems to have come alive -- tickled to rise by the warmth of an unseasonable New England heat wave. So as I looked out the window and saw the trees blooming and the bleeding heart dancing in the breeze, I grabbed my camera in an effort to stop time and thanked the universe for these gifts.



Heather said...

I need some of those blooms in my yard! Very pretty and lively.

mlc said...

Lovely pictures. I have been having trouble getting the pictures I would like because of the following reasons
1. Photographer
2. Camera
3. Windy weather conditions.
LOL. I'm very glad you stopped by. I'm loving blotanical and I especially love my dogs. Stop in again.

Ellie Mae's Cottage said...

Hi MLC, Thanks so much! I just got a new camera. I still haven't learned how to use all the features, but it does take some good close-ups. It's not real fancy or expensive. I wanted a Canon Rebel, but I just can't afford it. Anyway, I got a Canon Powershot SX10 IS from Best Buy and it was only a little over $200. So far, I love it!