Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Rain Rain Go Away!

I should be dressed like this guy!

With all the rain we've been having this week, I feel like I should be donning fishing gear and heading for the high seas! I actually met the guy who is the mascot for Gorton's fish. He's an actor but also a real fisherman from Gloucester (that's pronounced "Gloss-Tuh" if you're from this area). I guess I'm a bit obsessed with all things related to fish right now.... but who can blame me -- it hasn't stopped raining in days.

Even Ellie is annoyed that she had to wear a raincoat.

This morning I opened my eyes and let out a HUGE sigh as I saw and heard the rain coming down -- yet again. It's been raining off and on (mostly ON) since last Saturday and we are expecting more of the same through the rest of the week.

See that puddle....

If it gets any larger, I'll need to a small boat to navigate it.

Being someone who loves to garden I usually adore rain. The plants love it, they grow more lush, and I don't have to water as much.

Just look at how our front bed has grown in a mere week. The Montauk daisies are starting to take over already!

But the problem I'm having with the rain right now is that I haven't had a chance to finish up my spring gardening tasks. All this rain means that the pea and snap pea seedlings have no home yet and are sitting on our back porch.

See them flopped over this in pic...

..they aren't dying (at least not yet), but reaching for something to hang on to. They are vining so fast that if I were to sit next to them for any length of time they'd be wrapping around me!

Here's the bed we've prepped for them.

The soil has been tilled and enriched with manure and compost. I'm ready to make little mounds for the pea seedlings to nestle in... but that's all I'm doing right now is waiting. (I know I should have NEVER sowed the peas indoors.... I know ... I know... lesson learned already!).

Here's a picture of the foundation evergreens that I bought but haven't planted either... why? ... same reason... too much rain....

But with all this rain I know that the garden will flourish, the flowers will be blooming soon, and the moss on our cobblestone walkway will grow dense (Yes, this is one place where we like the moss! Moss here means no weeding between the cracks!).

So, this morning I shook off that rainy feeling and snaped a few photos for the blog. It felt good to get outside (even in the rain) until I soon realized I was takinig pictures while dressed in my bathrobe with a towel wrapped around my head (I had just showered for work). And, to make this scene even lovelier I was doing all this while holding an umbrella in my hand as a school bus packed with teenagers drove by. Jeez.... it's a good thing I'm not a teenager any more because clearly I would have been mortified!


tina said...

It will be with you for a while. This same system dropped about 7 inches here. The gardens are loving it of course so there is a good part!

Jan said...

I know what you mean about having a rainy feeling. Down here we, too, often have day after day of rain, and it can be so frustrating for a gardener.

Always Growing

gardenerprogress/Catherine said...

We've had lots of rain too, and more predicted. Your plants do look healthy and happy at least. I love your path!
I had to laugh at you mentioning taking pictures in your robe. I find myself outside in pj's and other strange combinations of clothing fairly often.
Hope it dries out there soon!

Beegirl said...

Hope it dries out for you soon. Very wet here too. Just found your blog and it is lovely! In love with Ellie Mae's little plaid rain suit. Adorable!

Dirt Princess said...

Only a true gardener can walk outside in the front yard with a house coat on and camera in hand!!! My neighbors are used to it. They are probably having their morning coffee looking out the window saying "there she is again..." Oh well.

Gail said...

I hear you...we've had more then 7 inches of rain in Nashville. The trees needed a good long drink, but the weeds have totally taken advantage of the absence of the gardener in the garden! We are all ready for the sun to return! I braved the rain to get a few photos, too...but we have a ginormous hedge to protect me from passer buys tooting their horns!

Melanie said...

Oh my, I was with you all the way, nodding my head up and down. Yes, this rain is driving me crazy. Suddenly I got to the part with you, your bathrobe, towel and the school bus. Lost my cool, lost my seat (fell out of my chair laughing out loud). Wish I was your neighbor ;-)